what’s going on here ….: road trip – headed south

spent some time editing again this weekend.  going back through these photos reminds me of how spectacular the trip was; visiting some amazing people and places!


while scoping out santa cruz, we walked out to the end of a jetty to check out a cool little lighthouse.  the lighthouse was cool, but what i couldn’t get over was the GINORMOUS jacks that they use to reinforce the jetty.   apparently, this is the new way to battle the fierce force of the pacific.  the jacks were huge!  big poured concrete behemoths.


then, of course, while checking out santa cruz surf museum, we saw a surf contest.  a bit about this contest for those who are interested: the movie ‘mavericks’ was about a guy, jay, who grew up in this area and surfed this spot.  surfers get to this spot by walking out to the edge of a cliff, climbing down some rocks and jumping in the water.


in case you wondered, it’s totally possible to have a telescope business.  employment dream realness here.

_6503 _7403


and just to cap off this little glimpse into this part of the journey – the bestie and i had grilled cheese and french fries for lunch on the pier.  because that’s how we do.

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