about me

“if you don’t love yourself, you most likely won’t like the pictures i take of you.”

i’m sure a fabulously famous photographer said this during an interview for a swanky magazine. and, while i would love to give credit where it is due, i’m at a loss for any other information than to put it in quotes.  to whomever you are, thank you and bravo.

i take photojournalistic pictures of people, places, and events.  i am inspired to capture life in photographs that make people laugh, cry, and generally take stock of a moment in time.

my job, as i see it, when there’s a big-ol-honkin’ camera and lens in front of my face, is to capture the moments that tell a story.  the story that’s told thru unexpected moments that i catch out of the corner of my eye or glimpse across the room.

it’s my hope not to measure the importance and impact of the day by the number of shots i take.  instead, i choose to focus my efforts on capturing the moments that give meaning.

i was interviewed recently by the soon to be famous mini. she has an inquiring mind and discerning palate. here’s how it went:

q: who’s your favorite person?
a: hmm…i think that would have to be a toss up between you and Big R.

q:  do you like chickpeas?
a: no. though i didn’t like arugula until you were born. so maybe if your parents have another baby, i’ll like chick peas. but i doubt it.  they look like butts.

q: like butts?
a: yes. like butts.

q: you’re gross.
a: ha! i know.

q: pet peeve?
a: oh mini, you know exactly how to get me going. it irritates me when people park in a way that obstructs the walkway.

q: does this happen a lot?
a: by some people, yes.

q: what do you do if this happens?
a: give people violation tickets, which express my irritation in the form of letters, numbers, and consequences.

q: do the recipients of the violation pay attention?
a.  no, but it’s helpful for me to get it out of my system.

q:  what do you want for christmas?
a: will you tell Big R?

q:  do you want me to?
a:  he’ll be expecting it.

q:  okay, give it to me.
a:  one puppy; one kitten; a Lubitel 166+ camera; a wool jacket (cape to be exact); a new or remodeled house

q: you sure that he’s expecting this?
a: quite.

q:  thank you for your time. do you have anything you’d like to ask of me?
a: yes

q: okay, go ahead, but make it fast because i have things to do.
a:  do you like the pictures i take of you?

q: some of them i do. i really like watching all the stuff you do to get me to laugh and smile while you’re taking my picture.  you look funny.
a: thank you mini. i appreciate your honesty.

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