what’s going on here….: road trip NorCal v3

i’ve been taking lighthouses for granted in my lifetime.  kind of like the fact that i take sliced bread for granted.  lighthouses do some very important things.  they are really spectacular to look at.  and, most of them are really old and awesome looking.  it’s the light at the end of a tunnel, for pete’s sake.

this harbor is always full of some good stuff for me.  there’s a fog horn, which is soothing to me (while I was visiting I learned that there were some people in town looking to turn the sound down. an odd request from my perspective.  but, to each his own.)  the harbor has changed some over the years, but to me it is still a favorite place of mine.


point montara was up next.  literally the tiniest lighthouse i’ve ever seen.  insanely cute.  but looks out over some ridiculously breathtaking views of the coastline.  It is also a hostel, so if you’re lucky enough you can stay the night.

_6473 _6435 _6467when you pass the lighthouse and the hostel, there’s a little trail leading down to the beach and more awesome views.
_6474then we hopped in the car and started driving south…..
_6248…and just as the marine layer was starting to burn off, we rolled up to Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  Named not for the birds, but a ship which wrecked on the rocks.  while walking around the grounds, i learned that this too is a hostel with a few rooms for visitors.  it is old enough and weathered enough of mother nature’s fury to be dangerously close to disrepair.  i read in the paper the day that we were there that it has fallen off the list of lighthouses to receive funding for upkeep.  i hope that they can get some funding. this lighthouse is beautiful!
_6257 _6262 _6270 _6274

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