What’s going on …..

So, I laugh when I see this picture because I know my friends on the West Coast are going to have no idea what this is all about.
what’s going on….
We had a little bit of snow earlier this week and a little bit of snow means a little bit of a parking challenge for those who live in the city. Parking is already at a premium and when you add snow to the equation, it makes a spot even more valuable. People lay claim to parking spots. Anything and everything that is movable is fodder for marking – and saving – a coveted spot. Spot savers are like tombstones. Once it’s there, it’s there. Only DNA and suspicion trump a parking spot saver.
Here’s how it works – it’s plain and simple – don’t park in a spot shoveled out by someone else. And, don’t move someone else’s spot saver no matter the discrepancy between the size of the saver versus the size of the car. It’s totally appropriate to use the souvenir salt shaker you bought last year from the gift shop at the top of Mt Washington to reserve the spot for your Lincoln Continental or Buick Skylark.
This is simply the rule and it has been the rule since the advent of the motor vehicle. Tradition is still alive and well. Make arrangements to park before you go, folks.


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