What’s going on ….

what’s going on here? ….
I think it’s fairly obvious –
This dog is delicious. She is a wing nut. She has the softest fur. She delights in doing tricks. Particularly doing the tree slalom through the woods. She runs as fast as she can weaving thru trees, jumping over debris in the way. She spins around with a jump and a twist when you ask her to. She will literally stand still and allow you to cut every hair on her body with scissors, without a leash holding her in place. She doesn’t like to ride in the car because of the accident we were in, but she reluctantly does it every single day; at least twice a day. She loves to play fetch with the ball. This photo was taken 10 minutes after we spent an hour walking up and down a virtually empty beach, playing fetch. She was not done when it was time to go, but the sleet and rain was making my cheeks and ears super cold through my scarf, and we needed to call it a day. She catches popcorn in her mouth about 80% of the time when you throw it at her. She strives for 100% accuracy but sometimes it can’t be achieved and that pisses her off. She likes to watch TV, particularly Jimmy Fallon. Which is honestly a good thing because I like to watch him too. She also likes Sports Center. She doesn’t like everybody. So far, all the people that she hasn’t liked are the people I don’t like either. She will never be a therapy dog but she will be an agility dog. She is the perfect litmus test to determine who is mentally unstable in the room. She picks them out of a crowd with extreme accuracy, and I feel more at ease because of this skill. Children who are over the top and loud make her nervous enough to pee right where she stands. Me too. She has nerves of steel in virtually all other circumstances. She is devoted to Katy. She loves to eat chicken and mashed carrots, which we found out by accident. She loves her belly rubbed and her cheeks scratched. She loves socks. She picks them up in her mouth and wanders around whining, looking for a place to bury them. She usually walks right over and drops them at my feet.
I would go to war with this dog. Everyone should be so lucky to have a companion in their life (be it canine or human) who brings this much joy and unconditional love to their life.

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