New project : What’s going on?

I’m getting ready to start a journey of learning. Creating an opportunity to explore my creativity and push myself out of my comfort zone.
Through some formalized classes and taking a few risks of my own I hope to present a photographic series called “What’s going on?”
I will post a scene or two of life as it happened and offer the story as I experienced it.
Let’s see how this goes.


what’s going on?
Katy, the dog sitting in the dog bed, was in trouble. Emma, the dog laying down, was lending some emotional support to her friend.
Two minutes before this moment, Katy walked over to her water bowl – pictured on the stool – picked it up and dumped its content all over the floor. A little odd behavior for our girl who strives to be the most perfect, the best behaved, most loving little puppy ever.
Alas she found herself in a minute of timeout.
The black and white squeaky ball in front of Emma is her very favorite toy. If she’s not pushing it around the house or the backyard, she’s got it in her mouth and dropping it at your feet awaiting a quick toss. The fact that Emma isn’t touching it gives me a heads up that Katy in a timeout is freaking her out a bit as well.
These two dogs are insanely intelligent and intuitive. To turn around, carrying two sopping wet towels in my hand, and find Emma lending a little support to her best friend was endearing. And, something I completely understand.
Who doesn’t need a little shoulder to lean on every now and then when the shit hits the fan?

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