ireland & london

not too long ago i travelled to ireland & london.  a bucket list-type of trip.  one of those trips during which i pinched myself on several occasions just to check-in with myself to confirm that it was actually happening. and, happening to me.  i’ve wanted to go to london since i was 8.  when the plane landed at the airport, i had an ear-to-ear grin on my face, i wasn’t breathing, and i had tears in my eyes. the fact that i got there on my own accord was not lost on me. i made my own dream come to life. the short of all this: the trip was magical. literally every moment was pure, unadulterated unicorn magic.  here’s what i saw thru my lens.

hiking in ireland was surreal. it was a visual feast that took your mind off of the physical effort.  an overnight stop at the walled city and peace bridge was fascinating.

giant’s causeway was breathtaking. the hike along the coastline was spectacular.

the carrick a rege rope bridge and balintoy harbor were magnificent.

a stop in belfast was humbling and gave me pause to keep the hope for peace alive and well.

a visit to newcastle and what’s left of an ancient castle did not disappoint.

a 5-mile beach walk in between bursts of rain was both challenging and rewarding, and marked the end of our ireland trek.

last stop … a ‘real irish’ pub.


on to london….hyde park … marble arch …

borough market … millennium bridge … st paul’s cathedral …

tower of london … kensington palace …

windsor … st george’s chapel … fun fact: archie was born the morning we were there.

bath … stonehenge …


til next time … ireland & london – you do you, boo! see you soon.


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