jillian and scott in rhode island

i have been so looking forward to this wedding (for a year!) and let me start off by saying that this family is AWESOME!  like seriously – A W E S O M E!  they celebrate together.  lift  one another. console one another. most importantly, they love each other deeply and celebrate their family as it continues to grow.

having helped to photograph the wedding of another family member a couple of years ago, I had an idea of how fabulous the day was going to shape up.  i’ll cut it short and say that the bride was spectacularly gorgeous!  her bridesmaids were beautiful.  the flower girls were adorable.  smiles and laughter everywhere!

as the day began to unfold i was struck by the fact that here was this beautiful bride, lots of energy around her… giggles… cheers… visitors… impeccably outlined details that were planned months ago coming to life.  she was calm, taking it all in with a smile.  and then there were her rock-solid parents standing by to offer that kind of guidance and reassurance that brings a whole room of people back to center with a resounding ‘awwwww.’  of course there were promises ‘not to cry’, but when dad shows up and says, ‘i don’t think i can give you away!’ you know someone is going to waver just a bit. (sniff, sniff)

this bride and groom, as well as their family and friends, know how to get right down to the business of having a FABULOUS time!  they’re not messing around.  they can shake it on the dance floor….every last one of them.



brides and their dads are some of my favorite dynamic duos to capture in a picture.

DSC_1228_edited-1 copy




someone here might have given another someone’s cheek a pinch. i’ll leave it up to you to figure out the who and the where.  😉


congrats to you mr & mrs taylor!




i am honored to have witnessed the beginning of your life as mister & misses.


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