march forward – boston

We live in a time of excess.  We have more choice.  More opportunity. More selections than ever before.  Yesterday, like many others around the world, I marched.  I chose the opportunity.  For me there is no better way to understand the options than to listen; to observe; to participate.  I did not agree with all of the messages.  But, I accepted the responsibility offered with choice and opportunity and selection to bear witness; heed without judgment; support without compromise of integrity and dignity.  This is what I saw at the end of MY lens.


One comment on “march forward – boston

  1. It is gratifying to see women united and supportive. I have been waiting for this for a long time and am glad I lived to see it. I remember fighting for the ERA. We are fortunate to be living in America, the land of peaceful demonstration, freedom and equal rights. “United we stand and divided we fall”

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