it’s love and that’s so much more than a software install

it was awfully nice meeting nicole and her friends and family that gathered to shower her with the very best wishes and words of wisdom as she gets ready to say i do.  here’s what i saw thru my camera on that very special day.


N_K wed 2

just in case you’re wondering, the ring = GORGEOUS




5a 6a

cell phones everywhere…seriously though, let me tell you about nicole’s beautiful mom.  i stopped the whirlwind i came to know as susan as she was purposefully moving from room to room.  eyes zeroed in on her next target.  i asked her for words of wisdom; something she would share with a young woman about to say ‘i do’.  she offered this:  listen.  do not jump to conclusions.  be present.  work at patience.  you will struggle.  and, you will succeed.

7a 8 9

word is that the groom showed up to the bride’s work to assist with a software install.  at one point, someone asked him: are you single?  very shortly thereafter they followed with: did you know that nicole is single? and so began their story.

10 11

i know i mentioned that nicole has amazing friends.  every single one more fabulous than the other.  quite simply, i’m a sucker for smart, beautiful, funny, strong, spirited women.


the handsome groom stayed to celebrate.  he was sweet and genuine when i asked him for his thoughts about all that goes into a wedding for a bride.  insightful and wisely he offered this: be in the moment to just enjoy it.

14 15 16 17

oh ladies…i’m still giggling!



what better way to end the shower than with the bride handing over the cupcakes she made and the birthday gift she brought for Ashly.



congrats to you and your lucky guy.  get it, girl!


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