sometimes life kicks you in the ass

i’ve been working on editing some wedding photos that I shot a few weeks back for a friend and co-worker.  he exchanged vows (very well written ones – i might add) with a most beautiful woman back in june.  i was the second photographer for their spectacular soirée – a most enviable place to be because it gives me a chance to look beyond the standard poses.  slow things down a bit.  and, capture the ‘little’ moments that make up the day. (my favorites of all time, BT-DUBS)

fast forward a few weeks.  work.  life.  dogs.  vacation.  family.  chores.  stuff happens.  and then  -everything gets real. someone – a beloved someone – passes away.  my heart hurts knowing that someone is working to mend heartfelt rips and tears that happen when a beloved soul leaves this world before ‘their time’ and moves on to whatever is next.  it is the single driving force behind why i do what i do (and for some very personal reasons).

Rest in Peace!


goodness gracious my heart is hurting.  my most sincere, heartfelt sentiments of condolences go out to my friends during this most difficult time.


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