new friends!

i met some new friends this past weekend when i had the honor of capturing a bridal shower on film.  the bride and groom, i discovered, are serious dog lovers!  (YES – am so looking forward to getting the pups together for a playdate!) and while i was getting to know her guests, i learned that the bride is truly loved and adored by both family and friends. (DUH!)  the bride and her two bridesmaids share a bond of sisterhood that we all can only hope to nurture at some point in our lives.  i’m lucky to have had the opportunity to spend even the shortest amount of time with them, and look forward to the wedding.

here’s just a quick sneak peak of what i’m working on …  cannot wait for the wedding!

(i also learned that the bride has some downright HYSTERICAL friends….and i mean seriously – amazing.)



many thanks to each of you for allowing me to share in your special day!

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