What’s going on ….

When you have a dog, routine seems to be the keys to keeping it all in balance. The dogs need their routine to rely on and look forward to. The humans need it to depend on for a source of sanity.


what’s going on here ….
Each morning The Mister takes the girls for a stroll. When they return the very first thing they do is beat a pathway onto my bed. Before their leashes are hung on the hook, they are running as fast as they can and launching themselves in the air. Landing precisely in the middle of the bed.
Emma walks right up to my face and sticks her wet nose to mine and blows a big puff of air. Katy finds the space near my legs and curls up to snuggle. Letting out a sigh as she wiggles over onto her back waiting for her belly to be rubbed.
This morning I decided to catch it on my phone as it was happening. And, to mix it up a bit, Katy was first up on the bed; followed shortly thereafter by Emma.
Snuggles with the puppies, in the morning, is where it’s at in my world.


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