‘wicket smaht’

without a doubt kb continues to exceed our expectations.  and, we’re totally convinced of two things:  she’s being very kind to us as fresh puppy owners and she’s plain old ‘wicket smaht’.

since we brought her home, I have been keeping a daily journal.  kind of like a miss oprah gratitude journal, except it contains the much more important details of the life and times of kb.  for that i am thankful. amen.

in it i store little snippets of things that amuse me and/or her.  like the fact that the first three days she was here, she slept in my pants.  on the floor of course! but, i dropped a pair of jeans on the floor and before i had a chance to throw them in the wash, she copped a squat and slept there.  every day.  for three days in a row.

her personality has progressively come out. we found out that she has an absolutely hysterical bark.  and the first time she barked, she scared the shit out of herself.  she half-assed barked and then looked around to see where the noise was coming from.  everyday after that, at mealtime, she would dance around the kitchen making some growly, barky noises.

we’ve also determined that right around 930pm her evil twin, Foxy Glitter, comes out and she’s a ball of boundless energy tearing around the house and the backyard, at full speed, looking for anything and everything to wrestle, bite, and challenge.

she is potty trained.  she rings the doorbell when she wants to go outside. let me say this again.  kb walks her puppy butt up to a closed door, and rings the doorbell when she wants to go outside. then sits down next to the door to await one of us who will open the door for her.  take that in people.

she knows how to sit and wait.  (waiting is the tough one for her)
she walks on a leash.  and, as a matter of fact, we go to nearby dog-friendly parks and she strolls alongside getting the feel for being out and about.
she knows her name and makes her way to whomever is calling her.

kb is an observer.  she chooses when to participate in fun and mayhem, and when not to.  she’s very selective about which canines she is willing to entertain.  and, truth be told, (even R would confirm this) she prefers me over others. just sayin’.

the overall tone of speaking in our household has risen by at least two octaves, and everything is a question.  “Want to go outSIDE?”  “Who’s a pretty puPPY?”  We’ve even taken to speaking to one another as though we were puppies.  “Did you get the MAIL TO–DAY?”  Such basic questions spoken with a kissy face and in a very high pitched voice make us sound as though we need an all access pass to “the special padded room”.

i gave her a bath a week ago because she stunk like old mud.  it was a very good thing i did because she got a blow-out and was quite simply fab-u-lous. made her look almost two inches bigger all the way around.  she was very nearly selected for real puppies of doodleville.  alas, she didn’t quite have the necessary drama to lifestyle ratio due to her extensive intelligence, and she isn’t a bling kind of girl, despite the name of her alter ego.

she is ridonculous!

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