smile ambassador: kb

at almost 4 months old, kb is getting bigger, learning more, and figuring out her place in this world. when we head out on our twice-daily walks, she gains a bit more confidence and it shows in her bouncy, happy-puppy swagger.

yup, she has happy-puppy swagger.  she trots along with a wag in her tail and what appears to be a smile on her face.  99.9% of the people she runs into smile when they see her.  literally, their faces are taken over by a big grin.

she may take a swim someday (iphone photo)

she’s a smile ambassador.  people can’t help themselves.  it’s actually very difficult to complete a walk uninterrupted.  we are always stopped by people who ask the same two questions: “is she a puppy?”  “what kind of dog is she?”  and then it’s almost always followed by: “oh! my! god! that’s the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!”  she’s such a cute puppy.”  and, “you are so lucky to have her.”

i love her.  r loves her.  and, everyone who meets her says they love her.

she’s working her way up to an actual swim (iphone photo)

a couple of days ago I counted the number of people we passed on our walk and of those people i figured the number of people who smiled when they saw her.  thirteen!  we saw fifteen people and thirteen of them smiled.  we didn’t make 100% because two of the people we passed were 50 yards off shore in a fishing boat.  too bad for them. she’s even learning to give a smile or two.

the temperatures here have been stifling, to put it mildly.  kb does not enjoy the sun and heat, so she’s frequently looking for shade or something to cool her off if we’re outside for a bit.  what do you do with that kind of dilemma?  buy a pool for the dog.  duh!  so that’s exactly what we did.  she has a puppy pool.  she likes to get in and out of the pool.  she likes it when something is splashing in the water.  and, we’re hoping that she’ll get a bit more comfortable with the water so that she might enjoy a swim while we’re on our walks.

she has a boyfriend now.  his name is stanley.  she was a little shy at first, giving him 2 play dates before she would even entertain the idea of ‘dealing’ with him.  then on their third date….well, we could see that they were going to be good friends and enjoy playing with each other A LOT!

there are lots of things to love about her. but i think what i love most is her very coy, very smart personality. 

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