life with KB…week 1

the cute meter is off the charts when it comes to this little lady!  her first week has been fun for everyone.  and, seriously, we can’t get enough of how awesome she is.  in her first week she’s learned to walk on a leash, knows what ‘go to bed’ means, understands ‘sit’ (most of the time), she has been on a play date, and has been to the ice cream store with us for a car ride.  snuggling, lounging and being whip smart are her full time jobs.  and, she’s doing fantastic!

we went from a no leash family to a three leash, one harness family. because, really, who doesn’t need that many leashes for one 7 pound puppy?
the tail is always wagging, while attached to a little wiggly puppy butt
this is her ‘i’m listening’ look
she loves, loves, LOVES running and lolling around the backyard
she’s learning to chase the ball, but i think she prefers to nibble clover
after a good run, she loves to lay out and power nap.
this is her ‘negotiating look’

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