puppy love

there’s a lot to be said for a cute, furry, wet-nosed puppy.  but, we have a special place in our heart for this little lady.  her first day with us was exciting for everyone, and filled with lots of love and puppy kisses.

we spent the early part of the day getting familiar with our comfy bed
the idea of taking the big plunge to the backyard was a little scary. everything is so big when you’re just a little pup. it took some coaxing, but she’s a smart girl and made her way outside like a champ!
who knew grass could be so prickly and ticklish! she rolled and pounced and flopped all over the clover in the backyard.

you can’t just pass through the backyard when you’re this cute and expect not to get some lovin’

and look out because when the training wheels come off, running is The Best!
hard and fast play requires power naps
and when the sun goes down, it’s back into the comfy and cozy bed for some snoozing

One comment on “puppy love

  1. This is amazing … a new addition to the Blue family :o)
    I am so happy for you both.
    Does puppy have a name yet?
    She is super cute and looks so cuddly.
    Hugs & Love to the new family :o)

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