fitzgerald marine reserve

this is a place you should see with your own eyes, at least once in your life.

i’m sad to say that i simply didn’t recognize its awesomeness until i revisited it as an adult.

nonetheless, get there.

it’s spectacular when the tide is out.

when the tide is in, you’ll most likely catch a glimpse of some sea lions styling and profiling on the sand.

take a walk a short distance away from the beach, up a somewhat steep trail, and you’ll find an amazing ‘forest’, sheer cliffs that give way to an endless view of the pacific ocean, and trails that we used to ride our horses on as kids.

and don’t even get me started on how awesome it is to be strolling along the trails with some thick fog rolling in around you.

some trees have fallen and the area is certainly showing signs of age, but it’s a must see if you find yourself on the left coast.

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