what ‘ought’ to happen…

i don’t know a lot about the philosophical inner workings of the human psyche that connects people to people, or even people to places.
i get the sense that – for whatever reason – the human experience includes people connecting with other people in meaningful ways that serve as inspiration and comfort. and, from what i hear, human beings need that kind of connection or the mind starts to deteriorate and atrophy.
for me, there are places on the planet that i need to connect with on a periodic basis or my mind starts to get a little wing-nutty.   i took the camera during my last trip and there was stuff to see.

One comment on “what ‘ought’ to happen…

  1. You are truly amazing. It is funny when I see these images through your eyes I realize
    the beauty that surrounds me every day is so phenomenal and truly God’s gift to us all.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and images, I love, respect, and admire you!
    Your friend always!
    Hugs & Love

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