what’s going on here …. road trip: NorCal v 1

recently i was on the west coast getting my good time on with some of my favorite people in the world, in my favorite places in the world. every mile traveled was worth the lifelong memories my pictures will help me to keep alive.

the journey started on a beautiful afternoon.  the travel weather log looked promising for a smooth, uneventful flight.  when i landed at the airport, i caught a very quick wisp of warm, fresh air while walking down the walk way to the terminal.  and, was surprised to learn on my tram ride to the rental car center that the temperatures that day were in the mid- to upper-90s!  odd for a city known for its strong hold on an alluringly intimate relationship with fog and cool temperatures.


IMG_7323 IMG_7331 IMG_7334

thankfully, the heat hold broke and things were back to ‘normal’.  crisp air.  warm breezes.  sunshine.  the essentials for a road trip.


before the road trip could get an ‘official’ start, a little surprise was in store for me! so off we went through some highways and byways.

_6570C _6583D _6589E _6591F


you know how there are people in this world that you simply want good things for……like all the time…..well, these two are in that group for me.  good people deserve the very best of any good that can go their way.  and when they announced that they were having a baby – i couldn’t have jumped higher, squealed with glee any louder, or done the happy dance any better.  they’ve waited so long for this special time in their lives together as a couple.  i was literally awestruck when i got the news that they made some special arrangements just for me; to accommodate my travel schedule.  They scheduled a visit for an ultrasound precisely when i would be there and could get a sneak peek at the little one.  O.M.G. !!!!!

_6607H _6613K _6609I _6612J

“hi guys!”


i won’t bore you with the details, but my professional life offers me the opportunity to be around ladies and soon to be little mini-mes all the time.  but, when this miracle is happening for your bestie -your sister from another mother- and her man….all i can say is O.M.G.!!!!  powerful stuff.  really powerful.  sniff..sniff..tissue anyone?



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