What’s going on here….

Spa day for the Doods.  It’s stressful for the Doods to get their coif on, so we figured that it was mentally better for us to send all four of them to the spa at the same time.  What’s better than one stress ball?  Four.

So, we sent the girls and the guy to get their hairs washed, trimmed, blown out and primped.  It’s Friday, after all, and what better way to get their groove on for Easter than with new hair.

Truth be told – the whole thing turned into a Doodle version of Charlie’s Angels.

4 Doods 1 4 Doods 2 4 Doods 3 4 Doods 4 Big Os Angels 4 Doods 6 4 Doods 7 4 Doods 8 4 Doods 9

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