Just getting started….

on a crisp october morning, in rural maine, i woke up to the most brilliant display of the colors of fall foliage right outside my window.  i slipped on my Bean boots, grabbed a flannel, slung my camera bag over my shoulder, and headed out the door.  it wasn’t long before i found the bride and a couple of ladies from her bridal party. “let’s go! we’re going to go find service.”, she said.  Shortly after, we hopped in the van and headed several miles down the road until someone shouted, “I’VE GOT 3 BARS!”  And, so began KGs epic wedding day.

it wasn’t long after contact was made with those still in cell service range that we swung the van back around, and rolled into the driveway of the cutest lakeside cabin.  it was time for everyone else to slip their own Bean boots on, and for the wedding festivities to get rolling in full swing!  the magic of the day was just beginning!


11_KW_WED_BW_A copy_edited-1 12_KW_WED_BW_B copy_edited-1

it was the very best start to the kind of wedding that was amazing in so many ways.

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