grace under fire

i had the opportunity to wedding it up with a very special lady (and groom).  and, if i’m to be totally honest…well….her ENTIRE wedding party was pretty damn awesome.  they were some of the nicest ladies and gentlemen i’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.  the bride was so laid back.  she simply enjoyed the day as it came. her laughter and giggles were heard from the second I met her long into the night.

m wed 3

as i learned more about her, i saw the life lessons she took from those ladies in her life who had shared their wisdom and walked with her.  she clearly stood tall on their shoulders.  thru her i saw their warm, welcoming spirit as she warmly greeted me with a huge smile and welcomed me into the house.  i watched her easily laugh through moments that might cause tension in other brides.  her grace and dignity were on display as she stepped into a wedding dress best described as STUNNING.  (seriously O.M.G. stunning!)

m wed 1

throughout the night i heard her friends and family describe her as ‘a light’.  over and over again, people told me how much they loved her smile and laugh, and how she brightened a room whenever she was there.  i witnessed her offer hugs and words of encouragement to virtually everyone she came in contact with throughout the day.   grace under fire is a fitting description of this fine lady.

m wed 2

i am honored to have been part of their special day.  i wish them all of the love, laughter, and celebrations one can possibly stand in a lifetime!


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