diana does it again

oh my goodness i am loving my little ‘lomo’ film camera, the diana f+.  it is simple.  there’s nothing electronic about it.  all plastic.  literally weighs less than my naked iphone.

diana 1

i think it has a total of five “levers”:
lock/unlock – for when you want to add/remove film;
day and night time setting,
an up-close/big view dial,
the lever used to take the picture.  think of the old school slot machine pulls.  it’s kind of like that only smaller and it doesn’t come with bells and whistles.
the dial to advance the film.

diana 2

it only shoots 12 or 16 shots per roll of film, depending on what size pics you want in the end.  And, you can do some cool stuff with pinhole and panoramic shots.  it is just really cool.

diana 3

i’m working on figuring out how to use it while making my way through some expired film  i originally bought to document a trip.  unfortunately (or fortunately) i kept reaching for my digital and never got around to using my trusty diana.  i won’t make that mistake again.

tree 1

reservoir 1

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