france on film

a couple of years ago, i went to france with two of my favorite people.  in addition to my digital camera, i carried three rolls of 120 film and a new Diana F lomo camera with which to play.

i shot all three rolls of film.  and then i returned to leave them wherever my little heart desired.  i left one roll in my carry-on bag and took it on 4 more trips.  i left one in my camera bag.  and, the other one was in the camera.  which, by the way, i left in a “safe” place – in the closet.

i rectified all that nonsense the other day, and took the rolls to be developed.

first roll – 95% exposed to light; mostly black. i couldn’t even print the dark gray picture of the eiffel tower.
second roll – exposed to light – it was all black.  that would have been the wine part of the journey.  i was drunk that entire time, so i’m sure they all were blurry and complicated.
third roll – 75% exposed to light; mostly black except for three shots.  this was the french riviera part of the trip, during which i was also drunk, but somehow managed to shoot these little jems of evidence.

viva la france!

the bar
the bar
the boulevard
the boulevard
the beach
the beach

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