Clearly this goes without saying, it’s been way too long since we’ve shared a Mini Confidential (4 years).  I’m not so sure I would say that it’s been “a choice”; instead, I would say that life has happened.  Each trip around the sun seems to go by so much faster now that we’re older.wiser.legally able to buy beer.  But, let’s not dwell.  Instead, we’ll slow the clock for a quick sec, dive in and catch up with Mini.

g: hey, hey my friend!  how are you?
mini: good, thanks. may i have some ice water?
dsc_0436_edited-1g: of course, have a seat.
mini: can i get a pink straw with that?  i’ve never used a straw that’s pink, and i’d like to give it a try.
g: i do, let me grab them and you can select the one you want.
mini (peering into the box): hmm, you have several.
DSC_0461_edited-1g: so catch me up to speed.
mini: i’ve really just been busy trying to stay true to me and the things i love.  you know, pre-school. swim lessons. camp. ballet. projects….lots of projects.  i feel like i’m just tapping into all the avenues for projects.  Know what I mean?  The opportunities with glitter alone are…well…they’re expansive.
DSC_0482_edited-1g: that’s really great.
mini: i don’t want to shortchange decoupage or watercolors, but glitter has revolutionized the art project game
g: i can imagine.  do you think you’ll be using a lot of glitter in school this year.
mini: absolutely not.  Ms B doesn’t appreciate the glitter.
g: (blink…blink….blink) hmm.

g: how was your first day?
mini: it was good as far as first days go. i went there, saw the kind of crowd we’re dealing with, and basically i got to work. not like when we dropped in on Disney. that was, like, next level. i know all the princesses.  i know their songs.  I know what kind of hardships they’re dealing with, but staying focused on one is so tough. it’s hard to bring it full-circle and vet out all the ins and outs.  but, you know, i’m committed.
DSC_0526_edited-1g: did you wear a new outfit?
mini: i don’t want to talk about the outfit.  i’ll leave you with this: there was a lot of talk about my ‘first day of school’ outfit.

g: what about your teacher? is she nice?
mini: totally. she read two books to us and did great. i was pulling for her, especially since it’s a new group and we’re still in the forming, storming, and norming phases.  but after she turned the last page on the second book, i knew she had done this before. what a relief!
DSC_0446_edited-1mini: Notorious B.I.G. said, “Climb the ladder to success, escalator style.” and, i’ll be honest, that has really come in to focus for me lately. i’m all about learning new things.  i want to get to know new people.  maybe taste some new flavors.  but if the foreseeable future doesn’t include art projects, singing or donuts, i’m not sure about it all.
g: i can see what you mean.
mini: yeah, can i get a brownie with this water?
g: of course, i got so wrapped up in our chat, I forgot to offer you one.
mini: i see things are the same with you.
g: indeed.

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