Oh, it’s June…

i haven’t posted a single thing since January.  Wow!  All it took was a little picnic, out in the fresh air, with some good people to get me thinking. (Yay)  When I heard about the picnic, I immediately grabbed my camera (and my homemade bean and cheese burritos) and headed out the door.  It’s nice to get some time with people you don’t usually get to hang with outside of a stuffy office.  Good times with good people…here’s what I saw at the end of my camera lens.IT Picnic_2016_17

IT Picnic_2016_16 IT Picnic_2016_00 IT Picnic_2016_01 IT Picnic_2016_02 IT Picnic_2016_15 IT Picnic_2016_03 IT Picnic_2016_21 IT Picnic_2016_04 IT Picnic_2016_05 IT Picnic_2016_06 IT Picnic_2016_07 IT Picnic_2016_08 IT Picnic_2016_19 IT Picnic_2016_29 IT Picnic_2016_11 IT Picnic_2016_25 IT Picnic_2016_18 IT Picnic_2016_24 IT Picnic_2016_20 IT Picnic_2016_27 IT Picnic_2016_26 IT Picnic_2016_30 IT Picnic_2016_32 IT Picnic_2016_33

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