what’s going on here….

for some reason, katy has never been an early riser.  i remember when i realized that she is more apt to stay warm and snuggly in bed long after the alarm sounds.  it was like i had hit the puppy lottery!  now that we’re in the middle of a perpetual apocalyptic polar vortex, hip-deep in snow, and a wild hair shy of a complete & total mental breakdown, i decided to photograph the little nugget. after the alarm blared. taking an up close look at the parts and pieces.

20140216_5640A 20140216_5643B 20140216_5647D 20140216_5663G 20140216_5666H 20140216_5671J 20140216_5673K 20140216_5677L 20140216_5679M 20140216_5687N 20140216_5692O

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