what’s going on here ….

… i’m taking a class.  a photography class.  it’s through a great online group which allows me to do the homework, learn new skills, and try out some cool camera things on my own time.  the group is called the define school.  give them a try if you’re interested in some fun photography “classes”.  I think they are more like workshops that last 4 – 6 weeks, but the people and instructors are keeping it real with a solid curriculum and positive atmosphere. so far, i’ve met people living in Japan, Australia, the mid-western and north eastern united states.  an eclectic group of creative people, in different phases of their life, make for some great photos.

the first week ended handing in some homework (ie photographs), which were shot focusing on f/stop and shutter speed.

big trees
big trees

what’s going on here ….
i headed out to walk the dogs, camera in hand.  i approached the assignment in much the way one might approach training a puppy or horse: no designated time limit, but with a new skill to practice and a strategy to give my brain a rest when i started to look for the auto setting on the dial.  i didn’t get 10 minutes down the trail when i realized i had the wrong lens and no “ice cleats” or “stabilicers”.  it was too late in the day, the sky was too gray, and it was too dark in the woods for the super wide-angle lens i was carrying.  every square inch of available walking trail was covered in a thick sheet of ice.  this meant that i spent every! single! minute! holding on to trees, gripping the inside of my boots with my poor toes.  i shot a few things in the spots where i could find a break in the treetops or snow on the ground to reflect what light was available.

it took me nearly 2 hours to go a little over a mile out and a mile back.  by the time i made it to my car, i was exhausted and my toes were literally cramping up…it was nice to get some fresh air and let the pups run, but as seems to be the case with me, i spent the last 20 minutes walking back in the dark, using my flashlight from my cell phone to avoid running into things.

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