birthdays, love, and arias

not too long ago i was walking the dog on the nearby campus of an idyllic college campus.  i was nearly half-way done, when i rounded the corner and came upon another dog of somewhat equal size to mine, looking a little timid.  i stopped to speak with her owner and was pleasantly surprised to find that her dog was exactly the same age as mine, and we exchanged phone numbers with a commitment to walk together soon.  to put it mildly, the meeting was fortuitous in so many ways.

my dog and her dog became fast friends.  chasing each other.  rolling around.  living it up whenever they saw one another.  and, i had the pleasure of getting to know an amazing woman whom i have since learned has a love of the arts, children’s literature (for which she is renowned), wonderful conversation, and a verve for throwing the very best parties.  the latter of which presented itself in an invitation to an aria-themed birthday celebration for my friend.  i jumped at the chance to celebrate this occasion and the guest of honor, and I took along my camera.

before we get to the pictures, I want to say that the party was fabulous.  an opera singer. a pianist.  delicious cookies and sparkling wine.  delightful people.  stimulating conversation.  most important, an abundance of love.  true love.  compassionate love.  honest love.  heartfelt love.  unconditional love.  L.O.V.E.

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One comment on “birthdays, love, and arias

  1. Gwendolyn,

    These are great pictures.; you really have a flair with your camera.! I am also so pleased about our meeting on the Wellesley College campus. I am not ready to join you today (yucky New England weather, but I am feeling up for it. Expect a phone call.
    Love, Susan

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