babe magnetization – a chat

clearly, when babe stops by the yard for a chat, a scoot, and a giggle, people pay attention.  clearly.

me: babe!
babe: where’s my girlfriend?  or, should I say, where are my girlfriendSSS?

me: give them a minute, they’ll be right over.  just you wait.  they are very excited to visit with you.
babe: *giggle* they lick my face! *giggle*


me: there’s emma!
babe: i love her.


me: geez babe, have you thought about maybe slowing your roll a bit. turning the swag volume up one click at a time instead of all at once?
babe: why?

babe: i love YOU!  as soon as i can walk, i will get YOU!  i cannot stop GIGGLING!  EMMA!  i want to kiss YOU! *giggle*…*giggle*…*belly laugh*


me: babe, you’re a pretty handsome dude, you know!
babe: yes.  i have girlfriendSSS

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