musings with emma scarlett

Emma is fierce.  Fierce like run all out, balls to the wall from point A to point B.  All.  Of.  The.  Time.  She has been with us nearly three weeks and it’s like we’ve always had her.  She gets what the plan is here.  She is continuously trying to be bigger, smarter and faster than anything and everyone around her.  And, truth be told, it’s kind of fun to watch her take on whatever her mind advises her to engage.
eb 1

She’s learning where to go potty and how to let us know that’s what she wants to do.  She has a very distinct bed time, and is – quite frankly – pissed when the bedtime of everyone else is beyond what her threshold turns out to be.
eb 4

She’s learning to walk on a leash with her harness/collar.  And, is learning the finer points of waiting on her “seat” and being patient for food when it’s meal time.  She 100% understands what “on your seat” means, and expects the reward that comes with calmness and compliance with requests.  Sitting or lying quietly on her bed always yields rewards.  She’s no dummy!
eb 2

She L.O.V.E.S. Katy.  Loves her like a fat kid loves cake.  Sometimes Katy can be a bit rough, leaving little Emma to demand a little respect and Katy feeling a bit embarrassedand requiring some time to get it together.  All in all, Katy and Emma are like two peas in a pod.  They love to chase the squeaky ball.  Katy loves to teach Emma to run and chase after the various backyard toys.  Hands down, they love each other.  Emma is always seeking an opportunity to snuggle up to Katy, which she loves to oblige.  While Katy loves when Emma chases her and chews on her cheeks.

eb 5

Such a classic Emma-Katy picture.  Katy is dialed in; committed to the task at hand.  She is aware that her job is to sit and wait for whatever is coming next.  Emma on the other hand; is committed to finding what’s coming next.

eb 3

You see the picture below….mouth open, all fours off the ground, the burners fully engaged…this is how Emma lives her life.
eb 6
She is no joke committed to making, seeing, and being in every single moment there is to be in on this planet. 

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