babe, mini and a storm named nemo

when unprecedented weather is looming with the given name of nemo, what else is there to do but visit with mini and babe.  of course.

ambiance courtesy of cable tv; music courtesy of babe
ambiance courtesy of cable tv; music courtesy of babe

me: hello mini. hello babe.  thank you for inviting me and kb over to hang out with you during the storm.  mini, it’s been a while, what have you been up to?
mini: projects.
me: i love projects!  may i see?
NEMO 2561A

me: LOVE it!  it’s awesome. did you do that by yourself? or, did you have help?
mini: bunny helped.
nemo 3

me: that’s awesome.  what about babe?  did he help you?
nemo 4

mini: nope

babe: now, listen, we talked about this before. mini may, in fact, be a bit on edge this evening. i need to think of something quick to get things back on track. i’m going to give her the look, put my hand in my mouth, then do the point and lean thing.
me: okay. what are you going to point at so i can help?
babe: katy. i. love. her.
nemo 6

nemo 7

mini: silly puppies!
me: aren’t they cute puppies?
mini: phenomenal
nemo 8

mini: kind of like my hair. phenomenal.
me: you’re rocking it, girlfriend.  it’s amazing.
mini: AH-MAZ-ING!
nemo 9

mini: i suffered an injury during my project.  it really has the potential to alter the course of my project management career.
me: oh really? what happened? can i see?
mini: i can’t talk about it, but i need a kiss.
nemo 10

me: big daddy d to the rescue.
babe: it’s tubby time.

nemo 11

babe: between schroeder and the tubby friends, it’s a party.
me: well, you know weesie likes a party.
babe: it’s still about mini.
nemo 12

nemo 13

nemo 14

me: does oscar make it in the drink too?
babe: nope, but it does worry me.
nemo 15

me: i can see why.
mini: let’s do that thing with the towel thing.
babe: (sigh) fine (sigh).
nemo 16

mini: schroeder is here!
babe: let me out. someone needs help with something. outside of this room.
nemo 17

me: whatchya looking for?
babe: big daddy d needs the stopper for the wine
me: oh.
nemo 18

me: i think i’ll go meet schroeder

mini: schroeder….schroeder
me: mini, where’s schroeder?
mini: here
nemo 20

me: so schroeder is a plastic, flip flop strap?
mini: today!
nemo 21

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