babe magnet-eye-zation

my first interview with babe.  it went as well as i could expect.

babe: you are ridiculous.
me: what? why?
babe: because i am damn near walking and this is our first interview. babe 1

me: (hmmm)
babe: i have been busy, girl. and, don’t act coy with me. let’s get rolling.babe 2
me: fine. i’m sorry. i’ve been technologically challenged.
babe: please.  stop.  it’s not that kind of serious.  move on.

babe 4

me: fair enough…, you’re babe.
babe: duh.babe 3

me: okay.  and you’re new around here.
babe: well, not really.  but our readership may have that opinion.  please allow me the opportunity to just clarify.  i.  am.  not.  new.  babe 5
babe: i. am. babe.
me: right.
babe 6
babe: and kudos to you for waiting for mini to leave before joining me for a sojourn.
me: how are things going with mini, anyway?
babe 7
babe: do not get me started.  that girl is off the charts.  i mean generally she’s on point about stuff, you know.  needing a potty stop; DirtGirl; general entertainment things.  but, look the hell out when she gets…shall we say…fussy.?.  Yeah, that’s it.  FUSSY!
me: it sounds intense.
babe 8
babe: is getting stuck between a gazelle and a hungry lion intense?  come on, you know the drill.  mini is intense.  we give her some alone time, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that’s all it takes…..oh, wait…..yo!  is that?…..

babe 9

me: is that what?  what are you talking about? what’s going on?  do you see mini? no worries – i’ve got your back. i’ll start talking about milk in a bunny voice.  it’ll be fine.
babe 10
babe: dude!… brought katy?!?
me: yes
babe: i love her.
babe 11
me: yes, I realize that.  i guess that means the end of our first interview?
babe: you know the dealio, my friend.
babe 12

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