mini confidential

So, yeah, there was easter and all.  i spent some time with mini baby and her family.

for all intents and purposes, I think that mini was onboard with the “festivities”.  much the same way those fine young people on that History Channel show Swamp People get to whooping and hollering when dey git dem selves a big’ole gator.  somewhat.

of course, we were finally in one place and could confirm that while mini is influential in her musings, nuttin’ comes close to the kind of BAD influence Big Daddy Bateman (heretofore known as BDB) has over the poor and unsuspecting guests to whom he beckons through his big front door.  (you should translate this to mean that weezie got her drink on and left with a wee-bit of a buzz)

as you can see, MOMMA-ROG (that’s pronounced MOMMA – RAHJ) is preggers with the new one, BABE (which stands for Big Ass Baby EnThere), and i am happy (kind of) to report that BABE is taking their sweet time gittin’ done beein’ born.

and i’d be one big-ol-hunka useless human if i didn’t show THE FASHION SHOW.

just because that’s how we roll.

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