Love and laughter….a beautiful celebration

Any opportunity to celebrate beautiful people in love is awesome.  But, getting to honor one of my dearest friends along side some fabulous ladies is like hitting the girl-power lottery!  WINNING!

Recently I had the opportunity to attend (and quite frankly it was a freakin’ honor) the bridal shower for one of my very dearest friends whom I have known for an uber long time!  With this opportunity came a spectacular occasion to reconnect with friends and make new ones.  We had so much fun planning (aka drinking wine and laughing a lot) and getting reacquainted (aka drinking wine and telling great stories).

After so many months of planning and making things just right we were buzzing with anticipation for the party to start, and I think we would all say that we actually got it done with time to spare.  As the rest of the ladies began to arrive, the atmosphere bloomed with the most sincere feelings of pure love and admiration.  The smiles were gleaming.  The hugs were abundantly shared.  And, we all did our very best to shower the bride with warmest wishes.

It was a fabulous weekend that i’ll always cherish.  I am so thankful to have been able to attend.  Even more grateful to have connected with friends (old and new).   My heart is overflowing, and I am so looking forward to the wedding!

the air was sweet from the jasmine in full bloom

each guest received a beautiful pashmina in the color scheme of the wedding and a special hand-made ornament with the word "LOVE" and the year "2012" stamped on the front and back respectively.

a delicious prosecco with a blooming hibiscus at the bottom of the glass greeted each guest as they arrived
the sweet treats were homemade and DELICIOUS

we asked everyone to leave well wishes, advice, and words of encouragement for the bride on purple cards. at the same time, we asked them to select a bead (or two or three) from a bowl full of beautiful beads of all types. at the end of the shower, we strung the beads and gave her a necklace that she can wear close to her heart as she prepares for her special day

the bride was showered with gifts
there were amazing treasures she had opened which were drool-worthy for any fine kitchen owner. then someone brought the spice! so awesome!
as you can see we all had a very good time!

traditions were sweetly passed down from one generation to the next.
no broken bows, just lots of sparkles and smiles to go around

the beaded necklace was colorful, sparkly, and made with love. on it were beads that people chose not only for themselves, but also for those loved ones who joined in spirit

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