a medieval town to be had….

after an afternoon of driving through the countryside and some wine tasting, we stopped at a small medieval town.  once very close to complete ruins, yet saved by the french historical society.  this town is thought to have been founded by italians hailing from a town you may have heard of recently in the news thanks to a certain american exchange student studying at the university of perugia who was thought to have murdered her roommate – amanda knox.  perouges, france is about 20 miles north of lyon, france, and now operates strictly as a tourist destination with approximately 1200 year-round residents who are artisans and work primarily in the tourism industry.

while much of this town has been restored, there is charm everywhere both new and old
all of the streets were made of stone
spelling means different things to different people....kind of
this is a lime tree, nearly 175 years old in the center of the town
very simple instructions: look natural, don't look at me, and don't smile (yields my favorite picture of the trip)
an old church - i swear martin landau was seated in the very last pew

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