the beaujolais from a 100 year old winery

i was introduced to a tasty wine on our journey, beaujolais, and how fortunate we were to have been visiting this region of france during the harvest.  a distinctly short period of time when upwards of 40,000 nomadic farm workers descend on the area specifically to pick the delicious grapes, which even fresh off the vine were sweet.

these fresh grapes had little seeds, but were surprisingly sweet and delicious
this was our tour guide - he makes his living in tourism, speaks three languages fluently, and does not like traffic nor whiney visitors
this is the vintner. immediately beyond his right arm is a 100 year old grape 'vine' that his grandfather planted when he was young
inside where they make the wine. when standing atop that ladder, you can look in and see it bubbling, fermenting away.
tools of the trade
the secret door, behind which are gallons of beaujolais ready to be bottled

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