mini confidential: interview 5

m: happy thanksgiving
g: happy thanksgiving, mini

g: thanksgiving just rolled by.  how’d it go?
m:  this time, of course, we had more options to deal with.  all of us are a lot more popular than we were last year.  and, we definitely understand the baby part a lot more today than we did then.  then we were just concerned with gettin’ to the table and what happens after dinner.  this year it’s business and we’re here to handle it.

g: what’s it like getting to see rest of the family whom you haven’t seen in a couple of months?
m:  that’s what i believe is the most rewarding part because not many people get to do that.  it’s just like, kinda overwhelming at first; but i’ve gotten used to it now since we’re half way through the holiday season.  it’s incredible.

g: so you really want to be where the experience is not just face time, but more emotional.
m: yea, definitely.  i mean, i would love to have put on halloween.

g: do you feel it’s your responsibility or maybe duty to deliver the goods that keep parties edgy?
m: i wouldn’t necessarily say it’s my duty.  i have a duty to myself to do the best that i can do at anything that i’m doing.  and right now having fun is at the top of my list as far as things that i like to do.  i’ll probably never stop having fun.  i’ll probably be 70 years old still trying to see whats happenin’ out on the party scene just to stay in touch and have good laughs.  that’s just what i love doin’!

g: it just seems like every time a new baby comes on the scene, it changes the vibe.
m: like i said, i just go in and do the best that i can at whatever i’m doin’.

g: do you have a particular process or do you subscribe to any formula theories when it comes to producing explosive parties that become legendary?
m: there is no format. no meditation process.  there is nothing that goes on except me showing up, smiling, and giving a shout out to the peeps.  I’d have to say that 90% of the time i don’t know what i’m going to do until i get there.  it just happens.  it’s a god-given gift that i have.  it just happens, g.

g: i hear that.
m: i learned a new trick.  wanna see it?  i call it “rabbit ears”.

g: drop it like it’s hot, mini.

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