mini confidential: interview 4

m – there’s been a lot going on this week.
g: i’d probably agree.  how about the power outage?

m – mini-baby don’t care.  i still got mine.  what about you? did you get all stinky and smelly like you were camping for a week with no power?
g: ha! no. i did okay.

m – did you hear what i can do now?
g: no. what?

m – walk.
g: what do you mean?

m – are you serious?
g: yes. what do you mean, walk?

m – well, it’s like this – we’re all trying to get places.  get things done.  you’re either surviving or moving forward.
g: how so?

m – under survival, i include things like puffs, milk, and bathing.  under moving forward, i include things like all the efforts to humanize the “masculine” and “feminine” gender roles that are the beginning of a false human hierarchy and normalize, race, class and other systems of domination to come.
g: is there a connection to walking in there?

m – I. CAN. WALK.

g: (blink, blink). Oh. (blink, blink)

m – i just got tired of sitting around. there’s a lot of thought that goes into getting somewhere.
g: right.

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