mini confidential: interview 3

m – yeah, so i’ve got a lot on my 
mind lately.  i really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to talk. you okay if it’s not all about you today?
g – anytime, mini. i’m here to help sort stuff out.

m – right.

m – (pause)
g – so. um….

m – i like the puffs better than the Os.
g – are they better?


m – yeah, they’re like my first love. i mean i loved boob juice when i was a baby and all, but i never knew about those kinda flavors and shit before.
g – hm…yeah, okay…i see where you’re goin’ with this.

m – a lot of people like to fool you with fake puffs, and say that you’re not smart enoughto know ’cause you haven’t been to college, but common sense rules over everything. that’s what i learned in daycare.
g – mmm-hmmm.

g – you’re really feeling this.  deep.

m – i mean seriously, as a baby you definitely have to be cocky, but not conceited.  you gotta have that kind of swagger, ’cause there’s so much against you, and there’re so many babies that are just as good as you, if not not better than you.  you gotta push a little harder to make yourself shine.
g – yeah.

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