mini confidential: interview 2

m: i saw the lady walking the dog this afternoon while i was waiting for you.
a: oh really?  which lady?  and, furthermore, what were you waiting for me to do? or, why were you waiting?

m: look, let’s not get coy here. why i was waiting, where i was doing it, and for how long isn’t really important. but suffice it to say, you left me sitting in the stroller, half in the doorway, half out, propping the screen door open.  something about
how you needed to go “the little girl’s room”. (*ahem* – eyes roll).  anyway, this lady and her dog appear really uptight….
a: oh, yeah, right, right. jeez, i really had to go. i was only in there for 3 minutes…

m: 5.
a: 5 what?

m: 5 minutes
a: oh

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