france, part 1

a few years ago i had the pleasure of meeting new friends. at the time, i had no idea that our relationship would develop in a way that only the deepest roots foster. they are  the kind of friends who completely understand when you have to take a day off from work to mourn the loss of a beloved pet.  the kind of friends who will come to your house and help you clean out the shit your ex-husband left behind in the garage after you kicked his ass out.  (including the rotting trash he was supposed to have taken to the garbage dump four months before!)

these are ladies whom i cherish.  they offer me hours of laughter.  they offer me a soft place to fall.  and, they are part of a very exclusive group of women whom i am honored to call my friend.

so when the opportunity presented itself for us to plan a special behind the mascara girls-only vacation we went at it with our usual style: obsessive over details and with the mantra of ‘go big or go home’.  we decided to hit up the beautiful country of france.  it seemed only right since one of us had “lived” there, immersed in the culture – for a whole month – in high school.  i mean how much more of a language and cultural expert could you need when going to a place whose language has 6 different “tenses”.  whatever the hell that means?

anyway, it provided us the perfect opportunity to see a european country with a big (famous) city rich with history, the spectacular seaside of the french riviera and something totally and unexpectedly awesome: the brilliance of the rolling farmland of the french countryside.

here’s part 1 of my version of this wonderful journey.

we’ve travelled together before, but never internationally and never for such a prolonged period of time.  this provided the opportunity to purchase new iProducts, new luggage, new shoes and cameras (yay!).

we spent a lot of time hashing over the details of exactly how we’d spend our time once we made it there.  over a very large batch of mango margaritas (yes this is just as sinful and exotically intoxicating as it sounds – and I can’t even be sure that it was mango because i have sworn myself to forget the recipe) and homemade macaroni and cheese (my recipe) we made decisions.

of course, a primary concern was protecting our clandestine espionage plans, and that we would never be more than 50 miles from an American consulate.  isn’t that how everyone plans?

then we got sober and reached out to a travel agent.  a life saver – for reals (a thousand thank yous to mickey!) when we found ourselves lying on the roof top deck, of a swanky hotel, on the french riviera, we toasted our lovely travel expert…several times….

but in the end, we settled on a three part journey starting in paris, making it through lyon, and rounding out our stay in nice.

next stop – PARIS! – ooh la la

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