minibaby does 1 like a rock star

we waited and waited….and then we waited some more – 12 months to be exact (it was such a long wait, if i do say so myself)!
despite the threat of stormy weather, when mini turned one, people came to celebrate and the rain was no where to be seen.  it was awesome.

a customized, rocker-chic jean vest - do they make them any better than this? i think not!

the uncle brought the tent, tables and chairs

the big 1 is here
the auntie flavored the scene with all the right decor
time to celebrate
the MOST IMPORTANT people were there…
how beautiful is great-nonnie? yeah, she's a heartbreaker!
mini loves her nonnie...because her nonnie rocks, duh!
papa's make everything better

while a few guests couldn’t make it, there was certainly no lack of love for mini.  the family and friends of this lovely lady showed up in full-force.

the cute kiddo contingent was in effect.  i mean, seriously, look at these lovies and then you tell me…

then came CAKE TIME…you got it, there was CAKE TIME….like really good CAKE TIME!  complete with some excitement (scroll through and you’ll see exactly what i mean), but the one thing i can say, everyone loves cake (and frosting).

how awesome is this? it matched mini's invitations. LOVE IT!

 the whole birthday song sung by a group of people standing around her at a table was a little perplexing to mini.  she was a little skeptical.  but she eventually got into the swing of things….like the party girl that she is.

the smurfette balloon was fascinating to mini

seriously, there was a moment to release the collective 'WHEW!!!!'
grampy + sam = HYSTERIA

good food, good friends, family and lots of love make for the very best kind of first birthday party!


daddy's make everything better

a very happy birthday to you, mini.  you’re my very favorite one year old (but don’t tell the others).


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